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The BUILT-RITE Process - The primary tool of the BUILT-RITE process is the establishment of a communication structure involving owner, contractors and union representatives at all levels on a given construction project. The structure of the communication model varies from project to project in response to the size, duration and manning logistics of each individual undertaking.
Process Safety Management Training
In 1992, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a regulation requiring safety training for contract workers in highly hazardous petrochemical plants. A coalition of Philadelphia Area building trades unions, contractors and users of construction services developed a uniform, transferable PSM certification process for union contract workers in petrochemical plants.

The result was a training manual for PSM that is now used by 20,000 craftspeople in the area. After an initial full-day training, workers must take refresher training every year to retain their PSM certification. This session runs about three hours and requires a test with a passing score of 85. Building trades apprenticeship instructors provide the training for their members. A copy of the manual used for the PSM training is available by clicking here.
The BUILT-RITE process enables unions, contractors and users to focus jointly on the opportunities and problems of any given construction project. The three parties work together to define jurisdictional matters, set quality standards, plan safe work conditions and solve unexpected problems that predictably arise on all construction projects.
Results from the use of BUILT-RITE:
The BUILT-RITE process enables owners to achieve the project outcomes during construction that are identified in the early planning and engineering phases. Typical results include the following:
  1. On time, on budget project completion.
  2. Safety outcomes significantly better than national baseline averages for construction.
  3. Elimination of disruptions due to jurisdictional differences among building trade unions.
  4. Enhanced quality attainment and significantly reduced redo work.
  5. Improved relations among contractor, owner and union participants.
The introduction of the communication process encompassing all three parties to the construction undertaking establishes a routine, problem-solving vehicle that allows issues to be resolved in a non-adversarial manner that complements the objectives of the owner's construction planners.

BUILT-RITE effectively removes barriers to communication among parties who have a need to know about the other's practices in order to properly service their own constituents. The key to the BUILT­RITE process is a formal communication mechanism involving all three parties - owner, contractors and workforce - in the continuing activities that comprise the components of a construction project.

U S E R S      O F      B U I L T - R I T E

• BP Oil
• Chevron USA
• Hahnemann University
• Illinois Power Company
• Kvaerner Shipbuilding
• Lockheed Martin

• McNeil Consumer Products
• Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority
• Philadelphia Eagles Stadium Project
• Philadelphia Electric Company
• Philadelphia International Airport

• Philadelphia Phillies Stadium Project
• Philadelphia Zoological Gardens
• Public Service Electric & Gas of NJ
• Reading Company
• Rohm and Haas
• Smith Kline Beachman
• Sterling Winthrop Pharmaceuticals Research Division
• Sunoco Marcus Hook PA Refinery
• Sunoco Toledo OH Refinery
• Tosco Trainer, PA Refinery
• US Airways
• Westinghouse

For phone numbers to contact any of the users of BUILT­RITE listed above, call the offices of the Philadelphia Area Labor Management Committee at 215-732-7476, visit our more info. page, or e-mail us at

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