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The Passport program tracks and coordinates a workforce's work-readiness requirements Whether for a single employer workforce or a multi-employer consortium, Passport enables employers and owners to have complete confidence that their workforce meets all government mandated and company policy work-readiness requirements.

Maintaining Work-Readiness Is an Expensive and Complex Task
Today, employers are faced with the complex task of assuring that their workforce meets job specific training, certification, and health testing requirements. Establishing and maintaining work-readiness status is time consuming, administratively burdensome, and typically includes duplication of already obtained and expensive work-readiness requirements. Generally, this activity is not part of the core business of the employer.

Total Work-Readiness Program Management

Work-Readiness Tracking

Passport's basic component is an easily accessible centralized database. This database registers and tracks an individual's work-readiness status on a day-to-day basis. Employers have accurate up-to-date information about their workforce's compliance with government and company work-readiness requirements.

Easy Accessibility

The Passport database is designed to meet the broadest range of employer's communication needs. Thus, an individual's work-readiness status is immediately accessible via:
• Passport I.D. card and cardreader
• Telephone dial-in
• Existing company I.D. card badging system.

Transferability and Reciprocity

Because the Passport database is centralized and easily accessible, multi-site employers or multi-employer consortiums can quickly determine a worker's status. Status information is communicated from site to site eliminating redundant work-readiness requirements.

Work-readiness status can be transferred between:
• C
ompany locations
• Owners
• Contractors
• Certifying organizations
• Trade unions

Management of Work-Readiness Requirements

The Passport program arranges for your employees to get the work-readiness requirements they need. Work-readiness requirements may include:


• Total Program Management
Maintains the work-readiness status of your workforce
Reduces costs associated with redundant training, certifications, and health testing
Provides quick and easy access to current work-readiness information
Provides quality assurance of work-readiness training, certification, and health testing providers
Shares work-readiness costs among owners, contractor/employers, workers, and unions

For more information on Built-Rite Passport, visit our more info. page.

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